About Little World School

The school building, a magnificent edifice, is located 16 kms from Jabalpur towards Tilwaraghat where gurgling Narmada falls majestically down the resplendent marble rocks. Spread over 33 acres of tranquil serenity – away from the noise and pollution of the city of Jabalpur, the location has a panoramic view of the Satpura Range, a perfect setting for young minds to grow.

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Little World School

Founder's Address

In the year 1992 Mrs. Anjali Dubey laid foundation of her beautiful dream of providing holistic education to little children of Jabalpur. Little World began with 25 students, now has 3000 young learners. It is the living emblem of enriching Indian upbringing with global vision.

"It is my sincere mission to make sure that the children in our school become strong in every way. The strength of their intellect and the flame of curiosity will lead them onward, ever widening their thought and action .Their emotional strength and essential humanness will always be a source of strength to the humanity. They will be progressive and constantly innovative enriching the society. Yes, they will Live Life Fully and make it possible for others to live full and happy lives."

Mrs. Anjali Dubey

Trustee's Vision

Mr.Vishwanath Dubey, eminent visionary and pioneer of social upliftment is the Trustee of Little World School, Jabalpur. His words of wisdom, clairvoyance and strong support have helped his wife, Mrs. Anjali Dubey in actualizing her dream.

Little World School will always train its students in all necessary skills and them up to the level of exceptional competence. Their competence and achievements will form the bedrock for supporting their self respect, confidence and leadership. They will be grand and the grandeur of their personality will be a fitting expression of gratitude to God and nature for having given them life and sustaining it.
Little World School is an expression of our gratitude to God and human race.

Mr.Vishwanath Dubey